Advanced Password Creator

Advanced Password Creator

v1.7.1 by Updating


Advanced password generator is the ultimate password generator and checker tool.

Supports generating :

* Random passwords.

* Left handed (QWERTY).

* Right handed (QWERTY).

* iPhone Simple (Using alphanumeric keyboard).

* iPhone Advanced (Using alphanumeric and numeric/punctuation keyboards)

* User defined generator presets.

* Pronounceable passwords. (FIPS-181 based,

* Pure FIPS-181, all lowercase.

* Modified FIPS-181, mixed case.

* Optional hyphens between syllables.

* Wordlist based passwords.

* Concatenate two or more words together with numbers and punctuation.

* Set target amount of words.

* Diceware based passwords.

* Allows punctuation according to Diceware specification.

Generate from 1 to 1000 passwords.

Passwords from 1 to 100 characters long.

Edit which characters are used for generating passwords in four handy categories, lowercase, uppercase, numerics and symbols.

Edit the weight of each character group, causing more or fewer of that particular character group to be included in the generated passsword.

Includes a temporary password store for storing generated passwords for later usage (NOT as password manager)

Generated passwords can be :

* copied to clipboard.

* sent via email.

* sent via SMS.

* stored in a temporary password store.

* Sorted by Password Strength, Password bit entropy, and alphabetic.

Includes a password checker for displaying :

* Password strength

* Password digest (MD5 or SHA1)

* Password bit entropy

* Brute force analysis.

Password details can be :

* sent via email.

* sent via SMS.

Download Advanced Password Creator

1.7.1 for iOS 10.0 or later

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