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Author: iPACrack

Unruly Heroes

“Unruly Heroes” is a 2D action-adventure mobile game developed by the indie team at Magic Design Studios and published by Perfect World. The story is inspired by China’s first mythological novel “Journey to the West” and strives to bring players an innovative experience through a fantastical art style and hilarious plot. Since the dawn of

Cercube 5 for YouTube

Cercube not only gives you the features that are missing from YouTube, but it also gives you full control over the app. Developer: Majd Alfhaily. Cercube 5 for YouTube cracked using CrackTool4 by JulioVerne. YoutubeExtensions by CokePokes: these plugins enable “Open In” for sideloaded Youtube without any need to download other Opener apps /Shortcuts. (v17.17.4

FiLMiC Firstlight – Photo App

FiLMiC Firstlight is a revolutionary photo camera from the makers of the class leading FiLMiC Pro cinema video camera that makes live photography fun and creative. — — — — — — Rediscover the joy of capturing life’s moments in photographs you will immediately treasure and want to share. Firstlight combines custom film simulations, adaptive

Messenger 2 – Messenger Shark

Messenger 2 – Messenger Shark iPA. Features  Disable Marking Messages  Disable Typing Indicator  Disable Marking Stories  Save Story Images and Video There is a bug where nothing loads when you first sign in. Simply relaunch the app to fix this issue.

Inpaint Magic – Photo Retouch

[Inpaint Magic] enables you to remove any unwanted objects from your photo in single step. By virtue of the top notch object removing algorithm, you can magically remove any unwanted object from your photo in single step and the result is quite natural. • One step object removal – Just draw mask on the object

Zalo 2

Zalo 2 is the duplicate version of Zalo, allowing you to use 2 Zalo apps on one device at the same time. Zalo 2 là một nhân bản của Zalo, cho phép bạn sử dụng cùng lúc 2 ứng dụng Zalo trên một thiết bị.

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