Auto Colorize Pro

Auto Colorize Pro

v1.1.2 by Updating


Auto Colorize Pro is a unique photo coloring application which lets you use new automatic colorization technique based on scribbles to change the color of any object on your photo. Just mark part of the image with any color and let the magic happen.


Some of the things that you can do with Auto Colorize Pro:

– change the color of your clothes

– gray out everyone in your photo except for you

– add colors to old black and white photography

– change your hair and eye color

– make the sky purple

– change the color of the wall in your room

– create a sepia tone effect



– in-app quick interactive tutorial

– multiple levels of undo/redo

– hint window which shows what is behind your finger

– color picker with RGB and HSV color models

– two finger pan and zoom

– unique automatic mode

– normal mode for manual color change

– load photos from your library or take with your camera

– adjust brush size and opacity

– universal app (works on both iPhone and iPad)

Download Auto Colorize Pro

1.1.2 for iOS 8.0 or later

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