AVR X PRO – Voice Recorder

AVR X PRO – Voice Recorder

v2.0.7 by Newkline Co.


AVR X PRO is the best voice recording application with a cool interface and perfect functionality for business people, reporters, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, school personnel, university students and those who need to manage voice memos.

Support for Apple Watch

Available on both iPhone and iPad.

■ Main functions

– Direct recording MP3, WAV, M4A audio format

– High quality audio recording

– Unlimited recording time

– Background recording

– Wave display for recording status

– Various audio quality options (11,025KHz, 22,050KHz, 44,100KHz,48,000KHz)

– Mono/stereo recording

– Records playable in various media

– Restart voice recordings after phone call pause (Up to 3 minutes recording pause)

– Add description to voice records

– Fast and easy to use

– Display recording file size

– Safe stop for low battery and storage space

– Bluetooth support

– Supported audio formats (MP3,WAV,M4A)

– Added music library import function

– Sorting file function

■ Powerful file Sharing & Management

– Transfer files using iTunes

– Email

– AirDrop

– Wi-Fi file management (upload,download,edit…)

– File sharing / send files in another app “Open in”

■ Folder management

You can create folders to save and control files


■ Repeated, slow or fast play

You play repeatedly, slow or fast.

Replay,Rewind,Forward / 0.1x ~ Play

Fine-tune the playback speed

■ Trim&cut audio records

You can trim&cut the voice records as you want.

You can use the left/right pointers to trim&cut the voice records and save it (mp3,wav,m4a)

■ Audio visualisation

Voice records are visualised so that you can easily identify voice sections

Sound visualisation

■ Sound tag

You can play immediately by adding several tags to one audio file at selected time

Play at the location of tag

■ Sound file combination

You can create one new file out of several audio file.

Create a file by setting play sequence of several files

Download AVR X PRO – Voice Recorder

2.0.7 for iOS 10.0 or later

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