Bazaart Premium – Bazaart++

Bazaart Premium – Bazaart++

v10.1.5 by Bazaart Ltd.


Bazaart Premium – Bazaart++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN. Old versions using dylib by Pxcex & strejda603.

Bazaart++ iPA unlock premium features of Bazaart Photo Editor & Video app.


Bazaart is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design app that will help you easily create beautiful photos, professional designs and stunning collage art. Get ready to discover endless creativity!


• Magically remove the background from photos with the magic background eraser.

• Remove unwanted objects from your photos with the heal tool.

• Select photos, scale, rotate, position, duplicate and flip with simple touch gestures.

• Cut out photos artistically with the scissors, eraser and shape cut-out tools.

• Enhance your photos with powerful adjustments: exposure, contrast, saturation, blending, color fill, vibrance, warmth, tint, shadows, highlights, fade, blur, sharpness and opacity.

• Add up to 100 layers, each layer is independently editable and changes are completely reversible.

• Use photos from your photo albums, camera, files, photography or web search.

• Add thousands of amazing backgrounds, stickers and shapes.

• Add awesome animated stickers and GIFs.

• Add stunning photo and video overlays.

• Add text using a great selection of beautiful fonts or add your own fonts.

• Apply fabulous photo filters.

• Perfectly align images, text and more.

• Sketch and draw with the drawing tool.

• Create stop motion videos and GIFs.

• Create designs in a wide variety of preset sizes or in a custom size.

• Create your own WhatsApp stickers.

• Save as an image with an opaque (JPG) or transparent background (PNG).

• Save as a video or animated GIF.

• Organize your projects into folders.

• Share creations on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, and wherever you want.


Create professional looking designs in seconds with Premium!

• Save time with magic background removal.

• Create without limits with a huge collection of templates, graphics and fonts.

• Get full access to all advanced tools and VIP support.


Download Bazaart Premium – Bazaart++

7.2.2 for iOS 13.0 or later 8.81.2 for iOS 14.0 or later 9.1.0 9.3.1 9.5.1 9.7.1 10.0.5 for iOS 15.0 or later 10.1.5

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Laila Azmi
Laila Azmi
2 years ago

Bazaart has been updated to a higher version but the tweak is no longer working, you can add a newer bazaart tweak and it supports all versions in my repo:
And many more crack tweaks if you want to use them.

Laila Azmi
Laila Azmi
Reply to  iPACrack
2 years ago

Yor Welcome Brother.
I hope this site will continue to be updated

Laila Azmi
Laila Azmi
3 years ago

Bdw File This application can never be downloaded because it shows Limits. Please Fix it

Laila Azmi
Laila Azmi
3 years ago

Thank you for granting my request, can you add QuantumultX version 1.0.10 please..!!! thanks 🙏🏼

Laila Azmi
Laila Azmi
Reply to  iPACrack
3 years ago

Trying is okay, please 🙏🏼

Request update!x