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BHTwitter iPA

BHTwitter iPA Crack

BHTwitter is a awesome tweak for Twitter. BHTwitter by BandarHL.


  • Download Videos (even if account private).
  • Custom Tab Bar
  • Video zoom feature.
  • No history feature.
  • Hide topics tweet feature.
  • Disable video layer caption.
  • Padlock.
  • Font changer.
  • Enable the new UI of DM search.
  • Auto load photos in highest quality feature.
  • Undo tweet feature.
  • Theme (like Twitter Bule).
  • Twitter Circle feature.
  • Copying profile information feature.
  • Save tweet as an image.
  • Hide spaces bar.
  • Disable RTL.
  • Always open in Safari.
  • Translate bio.
  • Reader mode feature.
  • Disable new tweet style (A.K.A edge to edge tweet)
  • Enable voice tweet and voice message in DM.
  • Hide promoted tweet from the timeline.
  • Confirm alert when hit the tweet button.
  • Confirm alert when hit like button.
  • Confirm alert when hit follow button.
  • FLEX for debugging.


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