Chic VIP – Chic++

Chic VIP – Chic++

v1.4.50 by Xiamen Meitu Technology Co.


Chic VIP – Chic++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Chic++ iPA unlock all VIP features of Chic – Stylish Camera app.


Chic – Creative Film Camera

Restore the texture and color of the film camera, while using the image technology to give the film camera more ways to play

Added hot image elements, such as light and shadow, bubbles, bling, etc. to create a variety of ways to play with the camera and take high quality portrait photos easily.

“Light Leakage Capsule” gives your photos a different feeling with random light, helping you capture a good story.

“Smart B” is a bubble light spot in the summer by smelling the blue in the wind of Kamakura.

“Millennium Disco” is a glittering millennial party that sets off a wave of Y2K.


The film camera is a great tool for minivlog to record the fragments of daily life.

“Summer Art Museum” is a low-fidelity and oil-painted color fragment of life.

“LofiLive” is a low-fidelity view combined with overlay frames to record the most comfortable fragments of life.

“Livelog” is inspired by Super 8mm, a projector that turns photos into negative movies and records every ordinary thing for you.

We will continue to release new camera themes to help you record your life with a more interesting negative camera, please look forward to it.


About Chic VIP and subscription terms

– Unlock all Chic’s filter effects

– We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions

– Open Chic to experience Chic VIP service for free

Download Chic VIP – Chic++

1.4.40 for iOS 10.0 or later 1.4.50

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