Clarity Wallpaper Pro – Clarity Wallpaper++

Clarity Wallpaper Pro – Clarity Wallpaper++

v7.5.4 by YuanJing Co.


Clarity Wallpaper Pro – Clarity Wallpaper++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Clarity Wallpaper++ iPA unlock pro features of Clarity Wallpaper app.


Create, explore and share elegant iPhone wallpapers.

Clarity Wallpaper is the ultimate wallpaper library for all of your Apple devices.

”Create the Perfect Wallpaper”

”Find the Perfect Wallpaper”

– Featured on App Store Today

Clarity Wallpaper is your ultimate wallpaper library in which you can:

– Change wallpapers automatically with Shortcuts.]

– Preview wallpapers right on your Home Screen widgets.

– Create gradient backgrounds for your home screen.

– Create blurry wallpapers for your home screen.

– Create text wallpapers with your favorite quotes for your lock screen.

– Create portrait wallpapers with your photos for your lock screen.

– Download iPhone wallpapers with weekly 3 topics.

– Download Desktop wallpapers with daily 3 pieces.

– Download Live Photos as wallpapers.

– Share your own photography works or designs with the Clarity community, good wallpapers worth spreading.

Browse and save high-quality wallpapers, including live photo wallpapers selected by Clarity or illustration works created by Clarity. We’ve made sure these wallpapers perfectly fit your device. Some of them are so unique that you can not find them anywhere else.​

Clarity takes wallpaper seriously and has an extremely high standard of aesthetics. We believe that not all beautiful images can be used as perfect wallpapers, only by selecting and tuning can reach perfection. Let us do the job, and you can enjoy the beauty of wallpapers.

/ Clarity as a wallpaper editor

Keeps your lock screen time/date legible and home screen icons lucid. With Clarity, any photos can be a perfect wallpaper.

– Text: Create text layouts on your photos with awesome fonts and typefaces.

– Mask: Automatically mask your lock screen wallpaper with a transparent gradient based on the color in this image.

– Blur: Add frosted glass effects to your home screen wallpapers based on your own tastes.

– Gradient: Get beautiful colored gradients from 200+ gradients, or create gradient wallpapers with any color you like.

– Frame: Highlight the important part of the image in a framed style, you can turn any portrait photo into wallpapers within seconds.

Download Clarity Wallpaper Pro – Clarity Wallpaper++

7.5.4 for iOS 12.0 or later

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