Day One — Life Events

Day One — Life Events

v1.1.0 by Updating


Celebrate life’s big days.

Do you have a big day you’d like to celebrate? Use Day One to count down to an upcoming event or to remember one that has passed. Day One is more than just a countdown app.

This big day, your “Day One”, could be a wedding, the first day at your dream job, a college graduation, or even a sobriety anniversary. Day One’s interface is completely customizable and can fit any life event.

Personalize Day One:

• Choose a personal photo to be displayed

• Choose a color theme for the App & Widget

• Choose an occasion type like relationship, health, work, and more

Core features:

• Receive a notification on your Day One

• Share your countdown (or count-up!) with others

• Today View widget

• Spotlight integration

• Drag & Drop support on iPad

• Home Screen Quick Actions

• Interface adaptability in all orientations

Download Day One — Life Events

1.1.0 for iOS 10.0 or later

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