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Douyin No Watermark – TikTok China No Watermark – 抖音 No Watermark iPA

Douyin No Watermark 8211 TikTok China No Watermark 8211 No Watermark iPA Crack

Douyin No Watermark – 抖音 No Watermark – TikTok China No Watermark using 抖音净化 by Netskao.

  • Remove startup ads
  • Remove video streaming ads
  • Remove the live broadcast in the video stream
  • Remove traffic prompt
  • Remove teen tips
  • Remove the product purchase that pops up when playing in the lower left corner
  • Remove the floating promotion in the upper left corner, etc.
  • You can enable the original button or double-click the video to save the video without watermark
  • Support saving all videos
  • Light color mode can be enabled or turned off
  • Global clean mode can be enabled
  • Can be enabled to follow the secondary determination
  • Enables display of all video progress bars
  • Can enable double-click to copy text
  • You can enable the homepage or non-homepage to automatically play the next one
  • Can enable iWall plug-in to quickly set the background
  • The display of the avatar pendant can be disabled
  • Pop-up red envelopes can be disabled
  • Global status bar can be disabled
  • Home page local page can be disabled
  • Can disable shaking to find friends
  • Disable sharing panel friends
  • Disable sharing panel application
  • You can disable the sharing panel and watch the video together
  • Video source display can be disabled
  • The home button can be disabled to refresh the list
  • Sticky comments in comments can be disabled
  • Can disable link ads in comments
  • The bottom friend button can be disabled
  • The bottom vibrato button can be disabled
  • The bottom message button can be disabled
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2 months ago

Access to ‘DouyinNoWatermark_16.0.1_LeTi.ipa’ was limited due to high download traffic.

2 months ago

this one is too old, please help to update it when you have time. thank you!

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