DraftCode Local PHP

DraftCode Local PHP

v1.12.1 by Updating


Using DraftCode you can develop and run PHP (as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript) on your iPad or iPhone without requiring an internet connection.

DraftCode includes the standard PHP stack including all PHP extensions typically available on a webserver (MySQL, SQLite, PDO, Curl, OpenSSL, FTP, XML, JSON, SOAP, GD and more). All code execution happens right inside DraftCode and works if your device is offline.

DraftCode by default includes PHP 7.3.16. An additional runtime for PHP 8.0.9 is available as an in App purchase.

(A complete phpinfo output of the current available runtime configurations is available on the DraftCode website, please follow the “Developer Website” link below. Please note that you can review current In-App purchase pricing on this App Store page under “Information” by tapping the triangle next to ‘In-App Purchases”)



– Execute PHP/JS/HTML/CSS without requiring an internet connection

– Runtime behaves like any webserver, supporting sessions, cookies, AJAX etc.

– Support for selecting custom workspace folder

– Session inspector showing state of current session variables

– Inspector showing PHP errors

– Includes and supports Composer for dependency management

– PHP and JavaScript syntax colouring

– Internal keyboard support with coding accessory

– External keyboard support with additional keyboard shortcuts

– Multitasking and split-screen support on iPad

– Includes PHP packages like WordPress, Composer and more.

– Built-in preview browser behaving like Mobile Safari

– File workspace including support to zip, unzip, copy, move or duplicate files or folders

– Code import/export from iCloud Drive, other Apps or iTunes file sharing

– Kiosk mode that runs you PHP code fullscreen

– Script mode to run PHP scripts without a web context or timeout

– Integrates with WorkingCopy to connect with GIT





With just one tap you can run WordPress offline (using the included WordPress SQLite plugin) and develop themes and plugins for the popular platform.



Connect to EXTERNAL MySQL databases (MySQL is NOT included).



Work with local SQLite databases.



Use Composer v.2.1.12 to efficiently manage your dependencies. The package also includes an example project.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions please head over to DraftCode’s website.


Please note:

– DraftCode is not a webserver and running PHP code is not accessible outside of DraftCode

– DraftCode’s runtime currently does not support re-write rules

– A MySQL database is NOT included. (We recommend using SQLite when working completely offline.)

Download DraftCode Local PHP

1.12.1 for iOS 14.7 or later

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