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Euclidean Skies iPA

Euclidean Skies iPA Crack

The successor to the highly acclaimed Editors’ Choice-winning game Euclidean Lands is here!


Euclidean Skies combines marvellous architecture and turn-based movements to create a beautiful world with mind-bending puzzles.


The game’s focus is on shifting and rotating, challenging you to think about the breathtaking structures from multiple viewpoints at once.


When using the spectacular AR* mode, fantastic castles will float in your living room, right in front of you.


Twist and turn the architecture to outmaneuver enemies and guide the heroine to the exits of 40 elegant levels.


Designed for all ages, Euclidean Skies evokes the feelings of a physical toy, where the joy lies in the act of play. While it’s possible to play the game with efficiency in mind, playing around with different shapes and forms, without the pressure of solving a level, can be truly satisfying too.



● 40 hand-crafted levels with mind-bending puzzles

● Fierce boss fights

● Beautiful AR mode

● Special achievements for ambitious players

● Skip-a-level option for impatient players

● iCloud sync across all your devices


*The augmented reality mode can be switched on and off, at any point, without interrupting the user experience.

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