Every Day Spirit® Lock Screens

Every Day Spirit® Lock Screens

v1.9 by Updating


Every Day Spirit is a collection of beautiful, original, hand-crafted wallpapers created to make your iPhone and iPad look amazing AND inspire you with positive and messages of love, joy and peace.

They are sure to lift your spirits every time you look at your screen. Gorgeous backgrounds are combined with encouraging text and fun fonts to make beautiful works of art.

There are 15 Categories for easy browsing. They are: Affirmations, Angels & Blessings, Encouragement, Faith & Forgiveness, Grace & Gratitude, Holidays & Joy, Kindness, Love, Music & Nature, Peace & Silence, Prayers, Scripture, Wisdom & Yoga, For iPad and Home Screens.

The wallpapers are changed manually (by you) by saving them to your photos then applying them as wallpaper. Change them any time you want – every day for a burst of new inspiration each time you look at your phone – or keep your fave on your phone for weeks.

Your experience with the app is never interrupted by ads or in-app purchases. This is a straight-up wallpaper app with no customizing features or timed reminders. Just pure and simple – peace, love and sun for your soul.



– 1000 beautiful inspirational wallpapers

– optimized for both iPhone and iPad

– bonus Home Screens provided

– easy-to-view large thumbnail gallery

– Categories & Favorites for organizing

– tips on application and sharing

– no ads or in-app purchases

– beautiful graphic artwork

– every phrase uses positive wording

Download Every Day Spirit® Lock Screens

1.9 for iOS 13.0 or later

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11 months ago

I want notability premium app

Request update!x