FileBrowser Professional

FileBrowser Professional

v20.47 by Updating


Professional document management for iOS, with bulk rename, backup and sync tasks. Edit your documents in-place, stream your media files and connect to over 20 different network and cloud storage locations.


“Maximize the potential of what you can do with files on iOS” – Cult of Mac

“FileBrowser remains the best option” – MacStories


Direct and secure file access to your computers, servers and other storage devices on home or corporate networks. No additional configuration of corporate IT systems is necessary.


Core Features

– Access file servers and cloud storage

– View documents and optionally store them for offline viewing

– Present a video, PowerPoint or Keynote direct from the server

– Copy and move between any type of storage, from single files to whole directories

– Bi-directional automatic sync of network folders to your iPad/iPhone

– Backup local files to a network file server or cloud storage

– Integrates with other apps allowing you to edit, save and share files while on the go

– Integrates with your existing infrastructure, including Active Directory

– Integrates with iOS data protection, utilising hardware-based encryption to secure content

– Pro photographer XMP sidecar file support for rating images

– VPN on-demand support for third-party VPN clients

– Supports Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS)

– Requires no additional software on corporate servers


Office App Integration

– No more copying of documents between apps

– Launch an Office app to edit a network document in-place.

– Changes are automatically saved to the original document

– Scan documents or images direct to multi page PDF

– Automatic colour and perspective correction of scanned documents


MDM Integration

– Centralised distribution of FileBrowser configuration settings

– Enforced security lockdown

– Conform to corporate Mobile Security Policies

– Prevent users from changing local settings

– Selectively override any local configuration setting

– Distribute file server connection details

– Control whether offline viewing/storage is permitted

– Control whether content can be emailed as attachments


FileBrowser Professional uses the SMB1, SMB2, and SMB3 network access protocols (also known as CIFS or Windows File Sharing) to connect to:

– Macs

– PCs

– NAS drives

– Windows File Servers (including Windows Server Clusters)


Access local storage

– USB Drives

– SD Cards

– Folders of other apps

– iCloud Drive folders of other apps

– iOS Photo Library


You can also connect to the following cloud storage

– Microsoft OneDrive

– Microsoft OneDrive for Business

– Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or later


– Google Drive (including TeamDrive)

– Dropbox (including Dropbox for Business)

– Backblaze B2

– Amazon S3

– pCloud

– Digital Ocean

– FileBase S3

– iDrive Cloud S3

– Wasabi S3

– WebDAV servers

– FTP/FTPS servers

– SFTP servers

Download FileBrowser Professional

20.47 for iOS 12.0 or later

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