Gun Movie FX

Gun Movie FX

v7.3.1 by Updating


Gun Movie FX is an easy to use professional quality gun effects app for film makers and video editors. Create Hollywood quality action movies with your choice of over 70 high quality muzzle flashes, smoke, lighting effects, sound effects and much more.


Position gun flashes and other effects quickly and easily with our simple effects editor. Other effects in this app include sniper scopes, first person shooter flashes, simulated night vision, blood spray and splatter, lasers, bullet hit effects, flying shells, smoke bursts and many different movie sound effects.


Includes our new Tracker Camera which automatically performs motion tracking for the ultimate realism.

Advanced image adjustments available like key-framing, opacity, hue, saturation and more.


Great addition to your movie making arsenal. Use with your stop motion movies for awesome results. Gun Movie FX can do with your phone or tablet what expensive software like after effects can do on a high end computer.

Download Gun Movie FX

7.2 for iOS 9.0 or later 7.3.1 for iOS 9.3 or later

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