HDR Max – Photo Editor

HDR Max – Photo Editor

v3.0 by Updating


HDR Max provides you with all the tools you need to bring out the best in your photos. The unique filtering technology enables you to enhance your images with powerful HDR effects without the hassle of multiple exposures. Your images will be full of details like never before.


HDR Max is a full-featured pro photo editor with an integrated set of flexible tools. The streamlined design of the app makes it simple to use yet powerful: you can start making professional level edits without spending hours watching tutorials. All filters and effects have fast and accurate real-time previews. High-performance rendering makes experimenting a breeze.


Get HDR Max now and experience powerful editing made simple!



• HDR effects: dynamically adjust global and local contrast levels independently to bring out details and create a unique look for your photos

• Integrated photo gallery

• Pinch-to-zoom

• Adjustable split screen A/B view

• Unlimited undo

• Extensive set of color filters for one-tap enhancement

• Special effects: mirror/reflection, sketch/cartoon, miniature/tilt-shift, glitch effects and many more

• The essentials: contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure and color temperature

• Color balance

• Sharpening

• Vignette for retro look

• Straighten image, adjust horizon

• Cropping

• Flip/mirror

• Orientation

Download HDR Max – Photo Editor

3.0 for iOS 13.0 or later

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