Hi-Res music player-NePLAYER

Hi-Res music player-NePLAYER

v2.6.1 by radius co.


■ Features

(1) Play high resolution audio source on iPhone!

“NePLAYER”, which can play high-resolution sound sources on iPhone, is equipped with “High-Res Visualizer” (patent pending) that allows you to view the playback status of high-resolution audio sources. With the “High Res Visualizer”, anyone can check and SEE whether the high resolution audio source is being played correctly or whether the sound is being output without any deterioration. Even if you don’t have a high-resolution audio source, you can upsampling the audio source to a maximum of 48kHz by simply installing the app.

※ The upsampling function is not a function that turns a non-high resolution audio source into a high resolution audio source.

(2) Play Hi-Res audio source within iPhone through wireless

Transferring Hi-Res audio data loselessly to DLNA network audio player. NePLAYER can transfer up to 24bit/192kHz(PCM) Hi-Res audio data. And, can display NAS in the same network, therefore can replay remotely Hi-Res audio files saved in NAS.

Please visit following site for details.

※Due to equipment specification, transferring data format, bit rate, sampling rate may vary.

※Due to network speed, sound break or interrupt may happen.

(3) DSD11.2MHz playback is possible

It supports playback of DSD sound sources up to 11.2MHz so that even enthusiastic audio fans can use it. DSD5.6MHz / DSD2.8MHz supports both DoP and PCM. DSD11.2MHz can be enjoyed with PCM conversion playback to sampling rate 352.8kHz. PCM sound source playback supports up to 32bit / 384kHz.

(4) Supports Apple Music and Spotify streaming playback!

You can stream music on NePLAYER by logging in with an Apple Music account / Spotify Premium plan account.

※An Apple Music account or A Spotify Premium plan account is required to useApple Music / Spotify.

※ Please check with your service provider for the service country.

※it cannot be used in combination with Apple Music streaming playback.

[Main Features]

●Apple Watch supported

●Added SNS function

●Added lyrics display function

●Replays Hi-Res audio source up to 32bit/384kHz

●Replays DSD audio source up to 11.2MHz

●Build-in visible Hi-Res function “Hi-Res Visualizer (Patent Pending)”

●connect to DLNA compatible network player※5

●connect to DLNA compatible NAS※5

●compatible with AirDrop

●Searching songs

●Searching sampling rate※1

●Searching format※1

●Creates playlist※2

●Display song and connected device information

●Equalizer function

●Surround function

●Up-scale sampling function

●Shifts connection to Air Play

[Supported file formats]※3

・DSD(.dff.dsf) (1bit/~11.2MHz) ※4





[Supported OS]

・iOS10.0 and later/watchOS3.0 and later

[Supported devices]

Compatibility, Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.


You can install NePLAYER onto legacy models, however due to heavy load of CPU while replaying, sound break or interrupt may happen.


・UPnP compatible

[Required speed]


[Recommended Wi-Fi]




※1: You can search for songs in the High Reso library.

※2: Creatable within High Reso library. The playlist created in NePLAYER is not able to sync with iTunes. Deleted songs in NePLAYER are not able to be recovered. You have to backup data on your PC or external HD.

※3: DRM protected songs cannot be played.

※4: About DSD replay,

・Converts 11.2MHz DSD to PCM 352.8kHz

・Replays 11.2MHz DSD on iPhone5S and above

・Converts 5.6MHz and 2.8MHz DSD to DoP or PCM

・Replays 5.6MHz DSD on iPhone5 and above

・Replays 2.8MHz DSD on iPod touch 5th and above

※5: Depends on connected devices, transferable file format, bit rate and sampling rate are various. Furthermore, sound break or network dis-connection may happen due to wireless speed.

※: This application does not guarantee to support all DLNA devices.

Download Hi-Res music player-NePLAYER

2.2.7 for iOS 11.0 or later 2.5.2 2.6.1

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