JamKoo – Pocket Music Buddy

JamKoo – Pocket Music Buddy

v2.0.3 by Updating


JamKoo is designed for live performance worship band and practice.

JamKoo can turn your old keyboard to a realistic grand piano.

JamKoo allows you to mix and record backing track with realistic virtual instruments.

Application Scenario

– Wind MIDI controller: add a background music, pick a saxophone or trumpet tone. Add some reverb FX, and practice anytime without disturbing others.

– Piano: Connect your keyboard to iPad, iPhone via USB-MIDI or Bluetooth MIDI. Play and record your performance with this app, share the recording with your teacher. The piano sound and tuning is more realistic than an ordinary electric piano.

– Electronic drum practice, import a classic rock track, pick a drum kit, and record your performance while adjusting the background volume and minimizing the reverb FX of the instrument. Recordings can be sent to other members of the band.

Elegant and powerful

Designed for music practice and live performances, the user who likes music is freed from the complexity of recording interfaces and can focus on the music itself. Sophistication doesn’t necessitate complexity.

Built-in high quality and deep sound library

Pre-installed with a number of fine-tuned and rich sound sources, from a comprehensive instrument package containing 138 instruments to 7 Chinese musical instrument packages with outstanding sound. This is a musical weapon at your fingertips.

Add your own instrument library

If the pre-installed hundreds of instruments are not enough, you can also add your own instrument library and download the Soundfont format library to your own JamKoo library.

Main features:

– Import backing track music from Music library or iCloud, dropbox etc.

– Pro users can import SF2 from File iCloud or dropbox.

– Support octave change.

– Adjustable MIDI input channel.

– 3 velocity curves.

– Pitch bend adjustment.

– Support USB, Bluetooth MIDI source selection.

– Transposition, instrument volume, reverb, backing volume, main volume adjustment.

– Layered recording with backing track, as well as solo recording.

– Pre-installed a set of high quality comprehensive sound library.

– Pre-installed a set of Chinese musical instrument library.

– Pro version users can add third party Soundfont format sound library.

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Download JamKoo – Pocket Music Buddy

2.0.3 for iOS 10.0 or later

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