Junkworld TD

Junkworld TD

v1.0.2 by Ironhide Irl


Note: Only supports TrollStore or Jailbreak.


Daring adventures, perilous terrains… dubious companions, we have it all! Command the resourceful Scavenger clan as they survive the mayhem of post-apocalyptic tactical battles. Deploy towers, use special units and gadgets, and train amazing heroes.

Welcome to JUNKWORLD!

Command the resourceful Scavenger clan as they survive the mayhem of epic post-apocalyptic battles. Deploy your strategy by using towers, special units and gadgets, as you train amazing crazy-looking heroes. Place your towers wherever you want, the whole map is your tactical playground!


– 16 TOWERS with special skills. From towers with hydraulic drills or mechanical bulls, to even a weird one that transforms enemies into sheep… Don’t ask, we don’t know how that’s possible either.

– 16 TACTICS ready to be deployed. How about a warrior in a garbage can armor? Who told you that 5-minute craft videos didn’t work? Deploy up to 4 tactics per stage from Landmines to Misfits, or even a tiny machine that creates powerful whirlwinds and decks your enemies down!

– Command 9 HEROES that’ll be at your disposal to defeat the most strange, unexpected enemies. Upgrade them to unleash all their power and abilities to enhance your defense!

– 4 HOSTILE TERRAINS: explore and conquer the fearsome wasteland and radioactive marshes, Psychopolis and the Order’s Headquarters.

– 80 CHALLENGING STAGES that will test your tactical wits. Survive the most challenging weather conditions while visiting rough and dangerous battlefields.

– Prove yourself in challenges and quests: set your strategy, lead your faction to victory, and collect awesome rewards.

– Find all the easter eggs and get all the crazy, epic achievements!

– Study your enemies and their weaknesses with the info we gather for you in the intel.

Download Junkworld TD

1.0.2 for iOS 13.0 or later

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