Lightroom Premium – Lightroom++

Lightroom Premium – Lightroom++

v9.0.1 by Adobe Inc.


Lightroom Premium – Lightroom++ iPA using Satella by Paisseon, iApps, Aipalux.

Lightroom++ iPA unlock Premium features of Lightroom Photo & Video Editor app exclude capacity cloud.

How to unlock Premium: Press buy then press Cancel (8.2.1 and bellow).


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo & video editor and camera app that empowers you to capture and edit stunning images.

Lightroom offers easy-to-use photo & video editing tools like sliders to retouch your images, apply photo filters, fine-tune backgrounds, and use transformative presets to quickly add unique adjustments that bring your photos to life wherever you are – all in one app.



• Make quick and easy edits with free preset filters for all your pictures

• Upgrade your aesthetic with 200+ exclusive Premium Presets created by professional photographers

• Let AI suggest the perfect preset for your photo with Recommended Presets

• Create your own look and save it as a preset filter for easy application to any picture



• Instantly improve your photos in a tap with Lightroom’s auto editor

• Use precision sliders to adjust all your light settings like contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows

• Create eye-popping edits with the color mixer and color grading tools

• Use the photo enhancer to change up your photos’ look and feel with the clarity, texture, dehaze, and grain sliders

• Crop & rotate your photo to get the perfect composition

• Use curves to make advanced edits to highlights, midtones, shadows, and color

• Use Versions to experiment with comparing different edits without losing the original

• Unlock your phone’s potential with unique controls like exposure, timer, instant presets & more

• Get more detailed shots with advanced capture modes like raw, professional, and HDR



• Access Premium video editing features & unlock a world of possibilities with our photo & video editor

• Utilize Lightroom’s popular photo editing features to edit captivating videos

• Apply presets, edit, trim & retouch videos with precision sliders to fine-tune contrast, highlights, vibrance & more



Take your photography to the next level with the Lightroom Premium photo & video editor! Upgrade & unlock easy-to-use tools like exclusive presets, Healing Brush, masking, geometry, cloud storage & more with an intuitive picture editor.

• Adobe Lightroom has now expanded into an easy-to-use photo & video editing app with a range of exciting, customizable features

• No longer just for photos, Lightroom’s new Premium video editor brings the same top-quality photo editing features that users love to video

• Use amazing video filters just like you would for pictures with our unique photo & video enhancer

• Access 200+ hand-crafted premium presets created by professional photographers & picture editors

• Let AI recommend presets that will work best with your photos

• Become a pro video maker: trim & edit videos utilizing an all-in-one photo & video editor

• Retouch & remove objects or distracting elements with the Healing Brush

• Create masks to edit a specific area of a photo without impacting the rest of the image. Lightroom AI makes life easy by automatically selecting the sky or subject of your photo to edit further

• Lightroom web galleries let you showcase your photos online. Photo & video edits sync seamlessly, so any editing changes you make in the app are always up-to-date

• Share your edits and creative process with other users in the Discover section

Download Lightroom Premium – Lightroom++

8.0.0 for iOS 14.0 or later 8.1.0 8.2.1 for iOS 15.0 or later 8.3.2 8.4.1 8.5.1 9.0.1

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Md. Shahraj Mashrafe
Md. Shahraj Mashrafe
8 months ago

I can’t login to lightroom++ please help!!

Md. Shahraj Mashrafe
Md. Shahraj Mashrafe
Reply to  iPACrack
8 months ago

where can I find one? I have already installed the ipa. It opens but none of any sign in method works

Ron perico
Ron perico
9 months ago

we need varlens please

10 months ago

Prest no install 🥲

10 months ago

Please how do I install my filters!!

1 year ago

Ad ơi mong ad sửa lại nhé. Ko sideloadly dc ad à. App này rất hay mong ad làm ạ

1 year ago

Unable to install on Altstore, error when writing to media/storage.

Request update!x