LoFi Cam Pro – LoFi Cam++

LoFi Cam Pro – LoFi Cam++

v2.6.0 by PixelPunk Inc.


LoFi Cam Pro – LoFi Cam++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

LoFi Cam++ iPA unlock pro features of LoFi Cam:Retro CCD Camera app.


LoFi Cam is a RETRO camera app that simulates the effect of CCD digital cameras.

⊙ Retro digital camera, feel free to choose

The CCD digital camera-inspired color palette is complemented by a carefully designed and developed special effect and interface for a unique shooting experience.

⊙ Just the right amount of special features for unlimited creativity

Create unique photo effects with EXPOSURE, VIGNETTE, TEMPERATURE, NOISE, AND BLUR effects, plus FLASH, COUNTDOWN, and even silky smooth ZOOM functions.

⊙ Easy-to-use importing and editing

In addition to shooting the current scene, you can also import and edit old photos and videos to make memories even better.

⊙ Customizable save effects

Multiple save styles to choose from for both photos and videos, with configurable date and time

⊙ Occasional new camera updates

More cameras and features will be released soon…

Enjoy the fun of LoFi Cam.

Download LoFi Cam Pro – LoFi Cam++

2.6.0 for iOS 11.0 or later

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