Loopsie Pro – Loopsie++

Loopsie Pro – Loopsie++

v7.17.1 by KRNL SRL


Loopsie Pro – Loopsie++ iPA by Lê Tí, thanks to LK Team for support.

Loopsie++ iPA unlock pro features of Loopsie: Deforum AI Art app.

Note: video feature does not work.


Turn every pic into an incredible 3D photo! Choose from dozens of unique 3D stickers: butterflies, bubbles, sparkles, snow, and many more.

We update new effects or presets every week!

Loopsie lets you create stunning photo edits with stickers, special effects, filters and theme presets! Our animation allows you to create 3D Photos, D3D Camera like videos and much more. All-in-one app without any professional equipment. Just a bit of creativity and your photos will come to life with a stunning cinematic effect!

Our motion photo effects make your short videos unique and let your content stand out from other photos and videos. Forget those old photo filters and photo editor, welcome our new breathtaking video loops.

— Anime Effect —

Make your photo viral by turning yourself into an anime character with our advanced AI technology. It only requires one tap and a few seconds of processing, you will be able to export a 100% cartoon-like portrait!

— Popular Presets & Special Effects —

Anime, Legends, Vertigo, Motion blur

Butterfly, Neon, Sparkle, Cloud, Vaporware, vhs, Indie

— 3D Photo —

Add a new dimension to your photos.

You can use our integrated 3D camera or create a 3D photo starting from a normal photo.

You can choose between a vintage effect like a D3D camera, or a standard high quality 3D picture. Loopsie mimics many movement, from the classic 360 wiggle, to a vertical fast movement.

— Advanced Technologies —

Machine Learning Based Depth Prediction:

We built a Neural Network that accurately predicts the depth of every photo.

Augmented Reality Stickers:

Loopsie enriches the picture with 3D augmented reality stickers.

Advanced 3D Scene Reconstruction:

We developed a unique algorithm to fill the missing part of the 3D scene

3D Segmentation:

The neural network we developed will segment the subjects from the scene for a more dimensional view.

Download Loopsie Pro – Loopsie++

7.12.0 for iOS 13.0 or later 7.14.1 7.17.1 for iOS 14.0 or later

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7 months ago

Why it doesnt have a video redact?

R6 r6
R6 r6
8 months ago

Please Add GLAM AI Video App

Request update!x