v4.9.63 by Raja V


Lumy is a simple and beautiful app for everyone who wants to track the sun.


Want to take gorgeous photographs around the golden hour or blue hour?


Want to check when the first or last light is available to schedule your outdoor activity?


Want to plan your outdoor fitness or yoga session?

Lumy is designed to be highly customizable for your use case, whether you are a minimalist or an advanced user. Enjoy Lumy on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod with a single purchase on the AppStore.



• Current location or any place around the world.

• Current date or any future date.

• Beautiful home screen widgets.

• Except for weather information, no internet connection is needed.

• Repeatable Notifications with offsets.

• Supports spotlight search.

• iMessage Support.

• Solar compass.

• Independent Apple Watch App – no need to take your iPhone.

• Customizable Apple Watch complications.

• Support for Apple TV, including a stunning Photo Frame Mode.

• Support for Homepod with Siri Shortcuts.

• Support for shortcut workflows.

• Supports dynamic type & voice-over.

• Custom app icons to make sure Lumy matches the rest of your Home screen.

• Simple & Clean design.

• Advanced, yet simple and easy to use.

• Universal Purchase – iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPad.

• Localized in Chinese, Japanese, French, and German.


The idea is to create an ultimate companion app for sun trackers, So email me your feedback. Thanks 🙂


The new graphic rectangular complications work only on Apple Watch Series 4 or later. Alternatively, for earlier series apple watch much simpler version of complication is provided.

Sun Information Available – Sunrise, Sunset, First light, Last Light, Golden, Blue hour, Astronomical, Nautical, Civil Twilight.

Moon Information Available – Moonrise, Moonset, altitude, azimuth, transit, transit elevation, weekly phase info, Next Full Moon, New Moon, First and Last quarter date.

Doesn’t Convince? Check out these other lovely apps by fellow developers – Photopills, SolarWatch, and Alpenglow.

Download Lumy

4.8.3 for iOS 15.0 or later 4.8.10 4.9.63 for iOS 16.0 or later

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1 year ago

Can you share the version with the apple watch? I use ESign app to install this

1 year ago

Doesn’t work on Apple Watch

Reply to  iPACrack
1 year ago

It can’t be decrypted with the watch folder?

Request update!x