Mini Calculator Keyboard – Pluskey

Mini Calculator Keyboard – Pluskey

v1.8 by Updating


Use Mini Calculator Keyboard to SAVE TIME !

*** No more swapping between apps to calculate! ***

for everyday math, super easy and fast.

Custom keyboard with a big and intuitive numpad for iPhone and iPad users only!

A must have keyboard

Percentage calculations in 1-click

Mathematical equations solved easily

The perfect calculation widget for you iPhone and iPad

Quick math calc for kids

+Plus Emoji icons merged into keypad

Simple easy to use calc

Easy keyboard features make operation an intuitive breeze:

– Swipe down to HIDE the calculator

– Swipe right to CHANGE to next keyboard

– Tap on black line to INSERT numbers

– Back button ERASE last digits from calculation

Now your iPhone doubles as a full power keyboard calculator. 

Great for work, school, or just being super fast calculator.

Pluskey is your calc app

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Feel free to send us request for new features at [email protected]

New ideas and feedback are always welcome.

Download Mini Calculator Keyboard – Pluskey

1.8 for iOS 8.0 or later

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