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mod ZERO iPA

Mod ZERO iPA Crack

mod ZERO is a math game based on division operation. It makes this simple math operation really an amazing thing to play.

Keep on bursting the bubble with the suitable pin to increase the score. The pins should be detached such that the number on the sheet can divide the number on the bubble.

That is,

If b = bubbled number and s = sheet’s number then,

b%s = 0 (mod should be zero)

Try to collect 3 stars from each level so to complete the target of 18 stars. Try to make the highest score possible to increase your grand total score.

How to play the game in detail could be found inside the game.

Key Features at a Glance:

– 6 Different Levels (with slightly different gameplay)

– A Target to achieve 18 Stars to crack the game.

– View all your performance records, at one place.

– Try to reach maximum high scores to increase your grand total scores.

– “Duet Play” mode which let’s you to connect your iPhone with nearby iPhone over Wi-Fi and compete with your nearby friends.

– Customisable control inside the game.

– Haptic Feedbacks to complement your actions and sounds.

– With a beautiful and colourful UI for a better experience.

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