Moonlight Express: Fortnight

Moonlight Express: Fortnight

v1.4.2 by Damir Stuhec


“Moonlight Express is charming in a lot of different ways!”

– Pocket Gamer

“A Christmas game about equality rather than the craze”

– Kill Screen

“Beautiful game”

– iPlayApps

“Lovingly designed game”

– Appgefahren

“Save Christmas in a refreshingly beautiful way”

– Moms With Apps

With a seemingly easy one-tap gameplay, Moonlight Express invites you on an adventure in the serene heights of Skyscraper City. Embark on the noble quest of this cliché breaking Christmas game, filled with atmospheric music and beautiful graphics.


• Over 600 unique, hand-drawn game items.

• A one-tap game experience.

• An easy to learn gift shooter.

• Stimulating quick reflexes.

• Strategically challenging.

• A vertical scrolling surprise.

• Beautifully detailed and magically designed.

• Filled with unique, atmospheric music.

• A flight from everyday life into an imaginary city.

• A feel-good sensation from fulfilling a noble quest.

• Breaking all Christmas game clichés.


It’s the night before Christmas. Santa Claus is about to start delivering gifts but his reindeer refuse to fly. He calls a boy named Palti for his overnight delivery service “Moonlight Express”. Palti promises to do his very best and deliver the gifts on Santa’s request.

Download Moonlight Express: Fortnight

1.4.2 for iOS 11.0 or later

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