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MovieMarkup is a great new app which lets you add annotation to your movies. Just import the movie, adjust the timeline and add the annotation – it is that easy. Add one or many annotations, then share the annotated movie.


Handwritten annotations – a combination of 8 different pen styles, and a huge range of colours, thicknesses and opacities; (1 for free, 7 more as in-app purchase).

Text annotation(*) – fully attributed text allowing a mixture of fonts, colours and sizes.

Images(*) – import images as annotations and position them over the movie at a size and position of your choosing.

Sounds(*) – record your own sound track which will overlay (or) overwrite the original movie audio.

Shapes – Free-hand or polygonal shapes can be used as annotations, with options to control colour, opacity and border styles.

Arrows – options to control colour, arrow styles, taper and labels.

Annotation Options – each annotation has options to control how it is displayed including an ‘animated ink’ option which makes the annotation appear as if it is being written or typed into the movie in real time.

Timeline – this lets you accurately position annotations at the correct movie frame, and also lets you preview the result in real time.

You can transform an annotation so that it moves, scales or rotates in the annotated movie.

The app has support for many electronic styluses including Apple Pencil, Wacom and Adonit.

(*) In app purchase required to allow these features in an exported annotated movie.

Download MovieMarkup

1.2.2 for iOS 9.0 or later

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