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MoviePro Remote iPA

MoviePro Remote iPA Crack

Connect wirelessly to MoviePro app running on another iOS device through this app. Control MoviePro camera running on another iOS device with live preview of view finder.


Get full control of MoviePro app from this remote control. Recording live events, recording from devices placed in car mounts, possibilities are endless.


Features :


– Connect to MoviePro app running on another iOS device with a tap (make sure that ‘Remote’ setting in MoviePro app is ON),

– Trigger Record/Pause/Resume/Stop,

– Adjust reticles, lock focus/exposure,

– Manual focus, exposure, WB controls,

– Zoom controls,

– Change settings of MoviePro camera app,

– Switch presets

– Switch lens on devices having multiple lens,

– Live streaming of preview,

– Live image statistics [(iPhone 6s/iPad Pro or later)],

– Focus/Exposure aids — Focus peaking, Zebras, False Colors, Clipping [iPhone 6s/iPad Pro or later]

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