Muse Dash

Muse Dash

v3.6.0 by X.D. Network Inc.


Hitting while listening to music.”

“Is that the call from another world?”

[Game Starts Now—!!]

Lovely girls

or rhythmic music?

If there’s a place for you to have them both…

It must be the paradise of parkour & rhythm game — Muse Dash!!

Huh?! Not your forte? It doesn’t matter!

Who says you must have a strong sense of rhythm to win?

Avoid is also a valid option (?)

As long as you have 100% of passion, courage, and… love for lovely girls~

Rhythm and fight won’t be an issue


Dance to the music and beat enemies in the air and on the ground. Also, watch out for the obstacles!!

What an easy, beginner-friendly rhythm game


Thank you @hcsavn for lending me your Apple ID to share this iPA.

Download Muse Dash

3.6.0 for iOS 11.0 or later

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