Nocton Hill – Chat story

Nocton Hill – Chat story

v1.6.4 by Eugeny Popov


Nocton Hill is a horror text adventure with 19 different endings.

You receive messages from a stranger asking for help. The stranger tells you that he woke up in an unfamiliar place. He doesn’t know how he got there. Suffering from a terrible pain in his head, he vaguely recalls that someone just tried to strangle him. White walls, bars on the windows, rooms with numbers on the doors… welcome to Nocton Hill Asylum.

An unlit corridor lies ahead – should he go left or right? Your advice will affect how the story unfolds and give you the chance to reach 19 different endings, each revealing more of Robert Houston’s story. And you might just learn something about yourself along the way.


• Richly crafted storyline. You’ll need all your wits to untangle the insane web of this stranger’s nightmares. We promise this story will shock you to your core.

• Lively, flexible dialogue. You don’t just get a choice of two responses, like you might expect in this genre. You can have three, five or even 10 different actions to choose from – as many as you could want.

• Real-time dialogue mode. Most of the time, you won’t have to make decisions against the clock, but in moments of peril, dialogue happens in real-time: if you put your phone down, Robert will think you’re ignoring him and he’ll be forced to make the decision on his own.

• Immersive soundscape. We’ve composed 20 minutes of music for the game, a soundtrack that’s mysterious, strange, unnerving and sometimes downright terrifying. At certain points, dark techno music will add momentum to the unfolding horror. 🙂

Download Nocton Hill – Chat story

1.5.2 for iOS 11.0 or later 1.6.4

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