Penbook Premium – Penbook++

Penbook Premium – Penbook++

v6.2.4 by User Camp


Penbook Premium – Penbook++ iPA by Lê Tí, thanks to LK Team for support.

Penbook++ iPA unlock premium features of Penbook app.


Write naturally with your Apple Pencil on Live Paper with Penbook.

Build your perfect notebook from more than four hundred types of stationery. Then, use the best digital inking technology to pour your ideas, notes, plans, and dreams into it.

Penbook’s Live Paper is way smarter than ordinary stationery. Schedule your life on a monthly planner that shows a real calendar, organize your day with a day planner that shows you what time it is, and record your nutrition on a food diary that knows what day it is.

Or, bring your own stationery! Import your PDFs into Penbook for quick annotation and editing.

Give your notebooks colorful covers with fun art, and share them so your notes are always where you need them.



• Live Paper, the dynamic stationery that uses the smarts of your iPad and iPhone

• Over 400 of academic, scientific, and planning stationeries

• Import PDFs and use them as notebooks

• Write naturally with your Apple Pencil, stylus, or finger

• Unlimited unique cover combinations for your notes

• Search your handwritten notes for words or phrases

• Snap your strokes to perfect shapes with shape recognition



Penbook has a huge selection of customizable stationery. Each page of your notebook can be different, turning your iPad or iPhone into a magic notebook:

• Blank stationery, with an optional date and configurable margin

• Ruled paper with variable density

• Graph paper with four options for square sizes

• Dot stationery, either squared or isometric (offset)

• Cross stationery with configurable margins and density

• To Do pages with four layout options

• Monthly habit paper for tracking streaks, habits, and goals

• Day planner paper with a live updating timeline and calendar, and three layouts

• Weekly planner paper that highlights the current time and date

• Monthly planner paper that keeps track of the current day and shows you what’s coming next

• Yearly stationery for getting a complete overview of your next 365 days

• Cornell paper for taking perfect study notes

• French ruled (Séyès) paper

• Penmanship practice paper

• Table stationery for hand-written spreadsheets

• Polar graph paper for plotting radial data

• Semi-log and loglog paper for data with exponential growth or decay

• Isometric stationery with equilateral (60-60-60) or isosceles (75-75-30) triangles

• Perspective paper, configurable with one, two, or three vanishing points

• Developer stationery with device stencils and configurable note-taking areas

• Storyboard paper with 3 frame aspect ratios

• Engineering paper with variable density

• Chemistry paper for easily sketching molecules

• Staff and tablature (music) paper with optional linked staves

Download Penbook Premium – Penbook++

5.2.7 for iOS 14.3 or later 6.0.1 for iOS 15.0 or later 6.2.4

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1 year ago

Hi! There is a new version out. It is 6.0.2. Could you please upload it? And I do not know why, but the PDF import does not work in the previous version. Could you fix this as well? 😉

1 year ago

Hi! Could you please update to version 6.0.1? Thank you! 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by Luke
Reply to  iPACrack
1 year ago

Impressive fast!!! Thank you 👍👍👍

Request update!x