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@picn2k camera iPA

Picn2k camera iPA Crack
  • @picn2k’s, one of the most beloved travel photographers, camera
  • Complete your trip With the filters that have his unique colour tones.

. More filters every month

  • Indonesia(IN) : The one wiht a edgy-yet-comforting color tone that can deliver the beauty of the nature
  • Tokyo(TK) : The best filter for cherry blossom and sunsets
  • Okinawa(OK) : The one that allows you to have a colorful and jazzy vibe like American Village
  • Saipan(SP) : A filter for you to have best pictures of a glittering sea for your vacation
  • Wedding(WD) : The best filter for a DIY wedding
  • Travel Scenes created by the photographer with his secret recipes : More filters that are inspired by what the photographer caught in different countries will be updated every month!

. Editing tips for travel pictures

The photographer’s editing know-how that all the fans have been craving to know will be with you!

Have practical tips that bring your photos to life to make a daily life look like a trip.

No need anything else with its different types of editing tools!

. Cool hidden spots only the photographer knows

Reveal hidden gems that most people don’t get to but he did!

Off-the-beaten-path spots for I’m not a tourist kind of person!

. Instagram

  • @picn2k : Follow to see more of his photos from trips.
  • @pica.app : Follow and see pictures

. Customer Service

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