@picn2k camera

@picn2k camera

v3.5.3 by JIN WOOK KOO


If you leave a picture, it becomes a memory.

Make memories

with the photographer’s camera.

@picn2k’s, one of the most beloved travel photographers, camera


■ Filters with special colors only for photographer

Indonesia(IN) : The one wiht a edgy-yet-comforting colour tone that can deliver the beauty of the nature

Tokyo(TK) : The best film for cherry blossom and sunsets

Okinawa(OK) : The one that allows you to have a colorful and jazzy vibe like American Village

Saipan(SP) : A film for you to have best pictures of a glittering sea for your vacation

Wedding(WD) : The best film for a DIY wedding


■ Photographer’s filters and secret editing tips

• It’s okay if you don’t know much about editing skills

• Turn an ordinary day into a special one using photographer’s filters


■ Easy and simple but powerful editing tool

• Brightness, exposure, contrast, … basic editing functions

• Use essential functions quickly and easily


■ Edit multiple photos at once

• Edit multiple photos in the same place and in different compositions at once

• Quickly edit up to 9 photos with one touch


■ Create My Films

• You can create your own filters like a photographer

• My go-to coffee shop, my favorite place, my dog film

• Create your own filters with your own taste.


■ Selfie timer, silent camera, Bluetooth remote control


■ VIP Membership (Subscription)

• 2020 version new presets (New York, Austria, Seoul, New Zealand)

• Beautiful wallpapers delivered monthly

“• No problem even if you change your phone,

Save my film list using cloud service”

Download @picn2k camera

2.8.2 for iOS 10.3 or later 3.5.3 for iOS 12.0 or later

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