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Plantale is a stunning, engaging and learning app which takes you on a journey of a plant’s life. You can observe the growth stages of plant from a simple seed and discover how the plant reproduces to form this seed and learn all about the anatomy and morphology of all plant parts with a lot of ease and precision with AR.

Features you can experience using AR:

• Explore the intricate internal anatomy of the root, stem, leaf, and flower.

• Discover the functions of plant parts externally and internally.

• Experience the blooming of a flower from its bud.

Other Features:

• You can learn about optimum growth conditions of a plant.

• Observe the different stages of germination and plant growth.

• Discover the process of pollination.

• Learn about reproduction in plant and formation of fruit and seed.

Along with this amazing journey of a plant’s life, Plantale also holds a very interesting activity of growing your own virtual plant in AR.

You can choose your favorite spot and place your plant with AR. And just like you would do it in your own garden come back to the same spot every time to nurture your plant according to its requirements and help it grow. Eventually over a given period of time you can observe how your plant has grown in AR.

This app is available exclusively for iOS 12.

Download Plantale

1.3 for iOS 12.0 or later

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