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PushFit Pro iPA

PushFit Pro iPA Crack

You do push-ups, PushFit counts.

PushFit is a simplistic push-up counter and tracker. PushFit allows you to workout at home, at the gym, or anywhere! Start your workout by placing your device on the ground under your chest. As you do push-ups, the proximity sensor in your device will automatically count and record your push-up reps. PushFit allows you to visualize workout history and patterns with graphs and calendars.

The push-up is the perfect workout. It’s simple, functional, and can be modified for any fitness level. PushFit is perfect for anyone trying to increase strength or endurance. PushFit can easily be added to any workout routine.

The push-up targets:

– Pectorals, Chest muscles

– Deltoids, Shoulders

– Biceps, front of upper arms

– Triceps, back of upper arms

– Abdominals

– Serratus anterior, side of the chest beneath the upper arm

Why do push-ups?

– Burn calories

– Improve cardiovascular health

– Strengthen shoulder joint

– Simple at-home workout that doesn’t require any extra equipment

App Features

– Records workouts in Apple Health.

– Compete with friends and family on Game Center leaderboards.

– Proximity sensor to automatically count push-ups.

– Lifetime record of push-ups, push-up sets, and workouts.

– Charts that break down workouts.

– Calendar to visualize workout patterns.

– Calorie calculation.

– Workout from home.

– Customizable app theme.

– Add your favorite photo for motivation.

– Workout reminders.

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