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ReLens Pro – ReLens++ iPA

ReLens Pro 8211 ReLens iPA Crack

ReLens Pro – ReLens++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

ReLens++ iPA unlock all Pro features of DSLR Blur Pro Camera – ReLens app.


ReLens is a professional SLR-like large aperture bokeh and professional raw camera app, with 3 unique and powerful features:


①Refocusing and Real Camera Background Bokeh

ReLens simulates real focus based on the depth-of-field neural recognition network, making the bokeh effect stronger as the depth of field gets farther and presenting the actual camera lens’ blur effect. ReLens also provides a variety of classic SLR lens presets, simulating the special light spots, textures, and light effects of classic lenses.


②Professional Raw Camera and 4K Recording


ReLens opens up the 20x magnification of the iPhone front lens and rear lens, comparable to a DSLR with a 136mm telephoto lens. ReLens supports 4K MAX recording, a notch higher resolution than the iPhone’s original camera, allowing you to feel more details of the picture.


③AI HDR Brightness Enhancement

Based on the advanced AI HDR brightness algorithm, ReLens rescue your scrap photos. Unlike traditional photo brightness enhancement, ReLens fix photos with less noise and even brightness distribution without damaging the original image quality.


Download ReLens and enjoy the fun brought by cutting-edge technology!


#Excellent features


●Multiple classic DSLR camera lenses with different optical effects, such as 50mm f1.4 Fixed-focus Lens, Mirror Lens (Reflex Lens), Anamorphic Lens, and Swirly bokeh effect lens.

●Support large aperture f1.4, shallow depth-of-field, auto blur, and real bokeh lens effect on smartphones.

●AI calculates the depth of field and adds bokeh effects to imaged photos.

●Various professional lens optical effects, including Eclipse, STF(Smooth Trans Focus), Bubble(out-of-focus reflex), Swirl(out-of-focus rotation), Radiation, Color Split, etc.

●AI analyses the photo scene and applies different brightness fix modes to it.

●Provides five brightness fix modes: ultra-low light mode, slightly low light mode, normal low light mode, normal light mode, and backlight mode.

●Real bokeh effect.

●Intelligent partitioning for you to adjust different depth-of-field layers, such as editing the foreground or blur background without impacting the rest of the image.

● More specialized color toning tools, such as Posterization.


#DSLR-level photography


●Manual control of Exposure, Shutter, ISO, Focus and White Balance.

●Support 4K and 4K MAX video recording (up to 60 FPS). High-quality video recording with up to 120 Mbps encoding rate.

●20x digital zoom to look further than the original camera.

●Support for Single Autofocus (AF-S) and Continuous Autofocus (AF-C).

●Support syncing your iPhone and iPad across multiple devices.


#Multiple Classic Camera Lenses


-Canon EF 50 is derived from Canon camera EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens, which many photographers highly mention as a favorite. The f/1.4 large aperture brings a delicate and soft blur, making it outstanding in portrait mode and wedding photography.

-Canon RF was inspired by the Canon camera RF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens. It features the classic elliptical light spots. Some anamorphic widescreen movies use this kind of lens to simulate the out-of-focus elliptical spot.

-Petzval is inspired by Lomography’s Petzval 55mm F1.7 Mark II. This historic lens is best known for the beautiful large swirling bubble bokeh around its focus and it becomes a favorite of most “hipster” photographers as years pass.

-Sigma was inspired by the doughnut blur produced by the Sigma MF 600 mm, producing dreamy image. Sometimes these doughnuts are distracting from your focus.

-Sony STF is inspired by Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS, delivering both smooth blur and fine sharpness with rounded out-of-focus highlights in both the foreground and background blur.


More camera lenses are coming soon. Stay tuned!!

Download ReLens and enjoy weekly updated resources.

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