Reversion 2

Reversion 2

v4.1.1 by Updating


You’ve escaped the guarded hospital holding you prisoner to find Buenos Aires in ruins. Memories still missing, you must beat puzzles and collect clues to find a mysterious stranger who may hold the truth to what happened 20 years ago.

Guide the protagonist, Christian, through the ruins of Buenos Aires to discover the truth. What really happened 20 years ago to destroy the city? Why can’t you remember anything since?

Team up with Victoria, your first ally, and Pablo, a new friend, to find out who you are and why you’re here. Only then will you have a chance to reverse the disastrous events that destroyed the city as you know it.

Your adventure continues on the streets of Buenos Aires. It’s time for Reversion.


* Charismatic and mysterious characters

* Challenging puzzles to keep you hooked

* Wide variety of interactive objects in each scene

* Classic 2D graphics, as in the golden age of the genre

* Hand-drawn and digitally-colored animation

* Voice acting

* Hints system to help you when you’re stuck

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4.1.1 for iOS 8.2 or later

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