ScoreCam Pro – ScoreCam++

ScoreCam Pro – ScoreCam++

v5.1.1 by Pachyderm Software


ScoreCam Pro – ScoreCam++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

ScoreCam Pro – ScoreCam++ iPA unlock all Pro features of ScoreCam – Embedded Scoreboard app.


Embed scoreboards onto your Live Streams and Video recordings! Scoreboard designs for Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis & Billiards (Pool, Snooker)


Meet ScoreCam, the first Recording and Live Streaming App with embedded scoreboard technology. It’s simply the best way to Live Stream, record and score your next volleyball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer or baseball/softball game with customizable scoreboards for each sport. Tennis and billiards/snooker scoreboards are also available.


Here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love ScoreCam:


• Embedded, Interactive and Configurable Scoreboard – With ScoreCam you can embed a scoreboard into the video feed and easily update scores on screen or with our remote. Its just like a real sportscast, only you’re in control!


• Live Streaming (subscription) – Now parents and fans who can’t make a game won’t miss any action with ScoreCam’s Live Streaming feature.


• Branding and Ads (subscription) – Our newest feature now includes the ability to add multiple graphics or ads to your broadcast. Perfect way to monetize for your program, club or school.


• Team Logos – Add your team’s logo to a supported scoreboard and you are now recording and streaming like a pro!


• Capture Highlight Video Clips – Ever see a great play and wish there was a way to instantly capture a highlight clip for later watching? Now you can with Highlights!


• Pause/Resume Video Recording – One of the main features you need to record a game is missing from Apple’s Camera app. No worries, we have you covered. Use a dedicated button to freeze the action during time-outs or lulls in the play. Reduce a 2 hour game to an hour or less!


• Audio Mute – Great optional feature to mute audio for live streams and video recordings during timeouts or between games … or when you want to talk about your favorite player!


• Quickly Share Scores, photos or Messages – With Score Sharing configured, you can now Message, email, tweet, or post the score without leaving ScoreCam!

Download ScoreCam Pro – ScoreCam++

5.1.1 for iOS 10.3 or later

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16 days ago

please update to Version 5.2.1

Request update!x