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Shake! – Flashlight & Compass iPA

Shake 8211 Flashlight 038 Compass iPA Crack

Shake for a flashlight and swipe for a compass. Shake! is your friendly outdoor companion that displays the following weather data for your current location.

• Temperature, humidity, and pressure

• Low and high temperature for the day

• Wind speed and direction

• Moon phases

• Time for next sunrise or sunset

• Exact remaining battery level

Brilliant by ptvgabby

“Love this app, cute design and all.”

Simple but chic weather app by superRetro Zac

“Love the pink interface with all the info in one screen. Very simple to get all the info in one glance!”

Simple perfection by Anicecupofteaandbiscuits

“At a glance I have so much information. I absolutely love it. Well done designers.”

Great app by benjam1n

“Great idea to put the compass, weather and a torch all in one app. Great design for outdoor use as well – large and high contrast.”

Simple by Slouisejames

“It’s simply amazing easy to use.”

Weather data for Shake! is provided by OpenWeatherMap.org.

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