Slender Rising 2

Slender Rising 2

v1.3 by Updating


HE IS BACK! The official sequel to the scariest game on the AppStore! An unforgettable horror trip unlike anything else!

TouchArcade: “A terrific sequel.”

This is what players say:

“So much scarier than the first one! I screamed!”

“Get the game it’s absolutely creepy, scary and fun!!!!”

“This is it! A totally worthy sequel and a must have!”

“I’ve never been so scared from a horror game!”

“Improved a lot, impressed!”

“OMG sooooo fun. I’m trembling every second.”

“You don’t know fear until you have played this!”

• New Game Modes

Two completely different game modes. Liberate the lost souls from their curse to save yourself from becoming one of them. Or collect the mysterious signs that tell a distubring tale and escape.

• All New Horror Locations

Four new, creepy and vastly different locations, including a abandoned Mansion and a Ghost Town in the gloomy sunset among others.

• Intense Atmosphere

Spine chilling sound effects and music set the tone for a terrifying experience. Each location now comes with unique atmospheric effects including thunderstorm and blizzard.

• Defend yourself

Find the shotgun to defeat your enemy and escape. But nothing is what it seems…

• Easy Controls

Intuitive and simple, pick your favourite from four different control schemes.

• Unreal Engine Powered Graphics

Special effects for the newest devices and support for older ones from iPhone 3GS upwards.

Use headphones when playing, ideally at night and alone! 😉

It is recommended to close all background apps when playing on older devices.

Download Slender Rising 2

1.3 for iOS 6.0 or later

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