Soundboard Studio Pro – Soundboard Studio++

Soundboard Studio Pro – Soundboard Studio++

v2.3.2 by Teleprompter Apps Ltd


Soundboard Studio Pro – Soundboard Studio++ iPA using dylib by strejda603.

Soundboard Studio++ iPA enables Pro features of Soundboard Studio app.


You can now try the Pro upgrade for free for 7 days! Test your setup and see if Soundboard Studio fits your needs with a no-commitment free trial of all features.


Soundboard Studio is the professional and smart sound playback app, perfect for for music, sound effects, voiceovers, pads, soundbites or anything else!


Soundboard Studio is designed for playing ad-lib sounds and music, with its large grid of buttons for each of your tracks. You can customise the layout, colours and detailed settings for all of your tracks.


For years, Soundboard Studio has been the app of choice for many pro podcasters, studios, event venues and more. Here’s just a few of their thoughts:


• “For the price it knocks everything else out of the ring that compares to work on a tablet or laptop.”

• “For me, this is the best of any program out there, and I’ve tried a lot.”

• “My worship Live looping is in a whole new Level! Thank you guys!”

• “This app is professional grade and made for—you guessed it—professionals! You won’t regret this investment.”

• “Podcasters, look no further: This is your soundboard app!”

• “This is for serious professionals, so if that’s you, add this app to your arsenal immediately.”


Top Features:


• Play multiple tracks simultaneously

• Set tracks to fade in and/or fade out

• Set individual volume levels for each track

• Trim the start and end of individual tracks

• Set tracks to automatically play the next adjacent track when they reaches their end

• Monitor and control multiple playing tracks

• Add images to your tracks to make them instantly recognisable

• Create multiple ‘Boards’ of tracks and quickly navigate between them

• Assign default track settings to apply to all newly imported tracks

• Import tracks from the Music library on your device

• Import audio files from your favourite apps and services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and more via the Files app

• Use iTunes File Sharing to import files directly from your computer

• Drag & drop support – Drag any compatible audio files into Soundboard Studio

• See which tracks you have already played

• Low latency playback using the power and simplicity of iOS

• Colours! Select from 6 colours for your tracks and boards

• Collapsible view of all playing tracks for better control

• Easy drag & drop track arrangement

• Move tracks between boards

• Import multiple files at once from the Files app

• iPad split-screen multitasking support

• iPad slide-over multitasking support


Upgrade to Pro for extra features including:


• Create unlimited boards (limited to 4 boards without Pro)

• Add unlimited tracks (limited to 24 tracks without Pro)

• Background audio playback: Your tracks will continue playing when you close the app

• Add images to your tracks to easily identify them at a glance

• Program smart Track Automations to trigger events such as playing other tracks, or changing other track volumes

• Connect your device to an external display and chose from three realtime visualisers fo your sound


Soundboard Studio was designed to be perfect for…


• Podcasts

• Events

• Live theatre

• Church services

• Workshops

• Voice presenters

• Wedding planners

• Choreographers

• Stage Managers

• Magicians

• Puppeteers

• Dance recitals

Download Soundboard Studio Pro – Soundboard Studio++

2.3.2 for iOS 11.0 or later

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