Spectra – Music Visualizer

Spectra – Music Visualizer

v1.5.6 by Spectre Software Inc.


Enjoy music at a deeper level with realtime visualization! Spectra is a lightweight music visualizer app that allows you to select and visualize music and audio in realtime, right on your phone. Want to export your visualization? We have you covered. Simply click the “Create Video” button from within the app. No longer do you need expensive software to create those beautiful animations you’ve seen on the internet. Want to customize the background image or put a logo in the center? We made that available as well. You can even import audio files from apps like iMessage or Mail using the share sheet. We want to keep improving the app so If you have any suggestions, be sure to leave a review and tell us what feature you’re missing!

The features:

• Realtime visualization for any audio file, iTunes music, or Spotify song

• Video exporting your visualization (does not support Spotify)

• Add fade in/out to your video within the app

• Custom background image

• Background presets

• Custom logo image

• Visualizer customization

• Video export settings

• More to come!!!

Here’s how it works:

The sound we hear is made up of many frequencies. The visualizer decomposes the audio input into its frequencies and displays the lower frequencies at the top/left of the audio spectrum and the higher frequencies at the bottom/right of the spectrum. This can create some cool-looking shapes that all correspond to the currently-playing track!

Whether you’re a producer that wants to see the frequency range of their song, an audiophile, or someone who wants to take a deeper look into their music, this app is definitely for you.


Download Spectra – Music Visualizer

1.3.3 for iOS 11.0 or later 1.4.0 1.5.0 for iOS 12.0 or later 1.5.5 for iOS 12.0 or later 1.5.6 for iOS 14.0 or later

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