Speech To Text Conversion

Speech To Text Conversion

v1.0 by Updating


The app can convert your speech to text. You can use it for taking notes, long emails, text messages and etc.

On average, a person types 50-60 words per minute on a mobile device. Using the app increases the output to 150-180 words per minute (3x faster than typing).

Increase your productivity and stay on track with your tasks. The technology gives us the perfect opportunity to enhance our speed and performance.

The advanced technology makes it easy and comfortable to speak instead of typing something. In addition, the thoughts run smoothly without having to slow down while being unable to catch up with typing.

Do not get distracted while driving or being busy with something important. Just dictate and the app will write down everything for you.

The app gives you the possibility to save time and effort, in order to focus your attention on the important things in life.

External noise could have an effect on the quality of the conversion.

Download Speech To Text Conversion

1.0 for iOS 10.0 or later

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