Stemz Pro – Stemz++

Stemz Pro – Stemz++

v2.16.01 by MWM


Stemz Pro – Stemz++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN & @blatantzzz.

Stemz++ iPA unlock all pro features of Stemz: audio & vocal remover app.


“Stemz is the ultimate AI tool for all musicians and music lovers.

Are you looking for the best instrumental for your practice?

Singers, guitarists, pianists, drummers, bass players, dancers, musicians, this app is for you! You can now play alongside your favorite artists, instantly!


Stemz contains a complete set of features:

# Practice with your own tracks

– Select any songs from your local music library or any tracks your purchased from iTunes

– Import files from publics URL, such as Drive or DropBox

– Importe any songs from the Files apps: iCloud, Drive, Dropbox…

– Extract the audio from your Camera Rolls Videos


# The most-advanced AI source separation algorithm

– Select the tracks you want to edit

– Immediately extract and isolate all the instruments: vocals, guitar, piano, drums, bass

– Easy-to-use interface to remix and edit your track

– Manipulate each stemz individually thanks to sliders, or cut stemz instantly

– Select the best group of stemz suiting your track


# Enhance your experience with audio features

– Adjust the Speed and the Pitch of the song as you like for you training session

– Quickly move into your track with the fast moving function


# Export your mix

– Share your mix results with your friends

– Standard format: M4A, CAF

– HQ format: FLAC, WAV


It has never been easier to create your own creative performance! The application is perfect for:

– Drummers

– Music teachers

– Producers

– Singers

– Bassists

– Pianists

– Guitarists

– Dancers


And all music amateurs!

Stemz has been developed by a passionate team of musicians and engineers. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback thanks to the survey within the app.

Download Stemz Pro – Stemz++

2.06.02 for iOS 14.0 or later 2.16.01

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2 months ago

please update to version 2.15

the version on this site is more than 1 yr old

Request update!x