Topic Generator

Topic Generator

v2.0 by Updating


Topic Generator is a funny essay/writing prompt generator. It combines a random question word, adjective, noun, verb, and place to give you a funny topic! Whether you’re using it for entertainment purposes or writing purposes, it’s sure to make you laugh!

NOTE: This app’s default list of words is for comedic purposes and will most likely not help you find a great topic to write about. Please add the question words, nouns, verbs, and places you want it to pick from.


Get Funny Essay Topics

Laugh at the craziness that is generated by Topic Generator.

Save Topics for Later

Found a topic you like, but need to use later? No problem, just click the save for later button.

Customizable Lists

Customize every word in the question words, nouns, verbs, or places lists.

Enhanced Accessibility

Get Funny Topic Generator to read your topic aloud! Topic Generator also support Smart Invert!

Share Topics

Share your funny topics with your friends to give them a laugh!

Lock items

Lock certain words (Example: students) so that every generated topic has that word in it.

Topic Mode

Generate topics for essays, videos, and even project names!


Celebrate your new topics with confetti!


Customize the look of Topic Generator to make it more like you!

Download Topic Generator

2.0 for iOS 11.0 or later

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