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TrollStore iPA

TrollStore iPA Crack

TrollStore in a permasigned jailed app that can permanently install any IPA you open in it.

Installation Guide (iOS 15.0 – 15.1.1)

Note: A9 devices are not supported by multicast_bytecopy

Note: The kernel exploit doesn’t work on most iPads currently, that will be looked into soon

  1. Download the TrollStore Installer IPA.

  2. Install it to your device via your preferred method (AltStore / iOS App Signer / Sideloady / Whatever)

  3. Open the app and press the install button

  4. Wait

  5. If your phone reboots here, go back to 3.

  6. An alert should pop up when TrollStore installed sucessfully, click close and the app should exit

  7. If TrollStore is on home screen, start it, if not then reboot and it should appear afterwards, then start it

  8. Go into the settings tab, hit “Install ldid” so TrollStore can install unsigned apps

  9. (Optional) Tap “Install Persistence Helper” and choose a system app you don’t need to use (e.g. Tips) in the list that appears, for more info on the persistence helper read below

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