Tube Browser – Adblocker

Tube Browser – Adblocker

v1.0.4 by Tiemei Yan


Youtube ad blocking ad blocker application.

Have you been irritated when you are playing YouTube, as the advertisement is displayed and the video stops on the way?

This application that should eliminate such irritation was developed.


1. Remove video ads and recommended ads on the page

2. The player is on top, watching the comments or recommendations while watching the video

3. Play video in a small window,While browsing the page, watch the video

4. Support NO AD Airplay from Tube Browser

5. Support night dark display mode

6. Support player multiple speed playback

* Only ads that are being played on youtube videos are cut.

* This application has no relation with Youtube, Google company.

* YouTube logo are trademarks and properties of Google Inc. YouTube logo is used for informational purposes only.

Download Tube Browser – Adblocker

1.0.4 for iOS 8.0 or later

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